I am a jeweller/metalsmith living in Adelaide, South Australia. This is a little space to document whats going on in the land of Sarah.

Three Bangles

Bangles Anodised Titanium, Sterling SIlver, 18K Gold 2008

Artist Statement

Completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design at TAFE SA Adelaide Centre for the Arts, South Australia in 2006 Sarah Rothe has worked on larger scale architectural commissions and sculptures while an associate in the Metal Design Studio. Awarded the Helpmann Academy Cultural Exchange to China, Sarah completed a 2 month residency in Jingdezhen, China late 2008.
Drawn to titanium, for its richness and range of colours. Sarah’s bold, simple forms have an industrial aesthetic reinforced by her use of mechanical fixings. Reminiscent of brightly coloured beetles, the movement of a selection of her work are alike in sound to metallic chatter. The anodised titanium is a demanding metal that Sarah uses for strength and structural qualities. Her collection of work is built upon repetitive components that are rolled, folded, joined and riveted to form weightless, shell like structures.
Executing such pieces using a blue and purple tonal range invokes a nocturnal mood while the composition of fragility and strength reinforce her thematic concept. Qualities, like repetition, form, line and colour are characterised through the use of minimalist sharp lines, bold colours and the choice of material.


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